Having lived in the neighborhood for the past few years, we have seen many changes. Many once abandoned brownstones and vacant lots have been bought up and developed by unprincipled real estate companies. To say the least, their renovations and new construction projects have not always been done in a way that respected the original intentions of the architects and home owners.

We decided that we would.

So we bought a brownstone in need of renovation and worked to restore its original beauty while providing a modern and stylish finish to the kitchens and bathrooms. We felt so proud to have brought back a ruined brownstone that we decided to continue.

In developing the renovation plan, we start by overhauling the basics; heating, plumbing, and electrical. We use only top quality materials and are mindful of preserving the original details such as fireplaces, shutters, pocket doors, decorative molding, plasterwork and hardwood floors which give our brownstones their unique character. We then redesign the layout of every floor to suit the needs of contemporary families, paying close attention to creating bright, airy rooms that have functionality, style and comfort.

We bring these brownstone apartments to you — hoping that you will appreciate their beauty and make them your home.

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